By Mujahedulla Khan

I was four or five years old when my father took me to a nearby Primary School managed by the local Masjid Committee, to learn Arabic and dineeyat as well as primary schooling.

Every day my mom gave me  some toffees or snacks to push me to Madarsa.  In about four years I completed my primary schooling and in the meantime I learned to recite the Quran nazirah basically in a conventional manner. From there I moved to High School and thereafter to college to attain a University Degree.

Busy in the Material World

In this way time passed like a smooth running stream.  When I grew up I got married and to support my family I started looking around for good, financially secure employment to settle down to in my life.  Finally, I landed a lucrative overseas job in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  I was very busy in that job and very much involved in this materialistic world, striving to earn more and more for an easy and comfortable family life.

I was of the opinion that praying salah five times a day, fasting in Ramadan, giving zakat, and occasionally reading the Quran without understanding it (“parrot” reading) was enough to make me a good Muslim.  I’d forgotten how my maternal grandfather used to stress the value of reading the Quran along with an authenticated translation.

The Weeping Imam

It so happened that one fine Friday on the way back to my home after work I joined the Jumuah salah at the mosque at Exit 15 on the Al-Kharj Road in Riyadh.   The Imam was reciting Surah Ad-Dukhan and was crying hard. Many Saudis behind were also crying with him.

I’d had very little exposure to Arabic but the expression of this Imam and his touching style of reciting the Quran made me miserable and I too could not resist my tears.  Immediately after finishing salah I rushed to my room, opened the Book to Surah Ad-Dukhan and went on reading the translation.

It spoke of how the hell-dwellers will be tormented— this is what had made the imam and followers cry.  I was much inspired by his way of reciting and realized that understanding the Quran is a must in order for the Muslim to develop interest in and devotion to our daily salah and to achieve a closer bond with Allah (swt), a relationship in which we can interact with Him.

Joining Quran Academy

By the Grace of Allah (swt), in 2005 during the month of Ramadan I received an e-mail from Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem, sending me a link to subscribe to “Understand the Quran and Salah the Easy Way.”  Immediately, I clicked on the subscription and started receiving daily lessons.  I found these lessons amazingly wonderful, and I completed all sixty by e-mail in short span of time.

After coming back home on my final exit from Saudi Arabia, I wanted to do something good to keep myself busy in a noble cause.  I was getting some business proposals and job offers as well but I turned them all down to  answer my inner call to join Understand Quran Academy in Hyderabad to get closer to the Quran.

Morning Ayahs

I was assigned the Front Office job here. In the very first hour when reporting to duty I listen to at least one ayah of the Quran with a translation from the Academy staff. Alhamdulillah Summa Alhamdulillah it gives me a deep sense of contentment that my day brilliantly begins with Kalam Allah, the Glorious Quran.  And I sincerely pray to Allah (swt) to not only help me understand more and more of the Quran but also to grant me wisdom to follow and practice its message word by word as commanded by Him. Amen.

Make Your Own U-Turn

In conclusion, I appeal to you to also make a U-turn to the Quran and see the benefits with which Allah (swt) will reward you.  Initially you may run into some obstacles because Shaitan wants to keep you away from the glorious Quran. But Allah (swt) wants you to get closer to it and makes things easy for you.  

If you come forward one step He will come close to you by 10 steps, and if you go to him walking, He will come to you running.

I pray Almighty Allah (swt) to open our hearts and minds and make it easy for us to increase in the knowledge of the Holy Quran in order to implement His commandments in our daily walk of life. 

Aameen wal Hamdulillahi Rabul Aalameen.


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