by Raiiq Ridwan

Tough times come in the life of every human being, young or old, rich or poor, king or slave. And tough times, more often than not, make us who we are.

In fact, tough times (and learning to deal with them) help our true nature emerge. For example, during bad times a really “nice” person might show complete impatience and displeasure at the will of Allah (swt), whereas a not-so-nice person might actually turn towards Allah in times of need, bringing about a change in his life that puts him among the pious.

The Way Out of Depression

In recent times depression and sadness have been rife in the Earth. We have more than ever before but we’re more depressed than ever before. Anti-depressants are fast becoming the most prescribed drug, suicide is high, and morality has gone to an all-time low. The Messenger used to say, The best speech is the speech of Allah, and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad.

Surah Duha

A man who is depressed, sad, or grieving requires the nurturing and caring of a well-wishing soul more than he needs the pill that alleviates his symptoms for a little while. Who better to speak to you to calm you down than Allah (swt)? And which better way but the way of the messenger? No human being suffered more than him, and it was at one of the saddest points of Mohamed’s life that Allah (swt) revealed Surah Duha.

The Messenger has just started giving the message to his people who were mocking and making fun of him. At that time revelation stopped for six months and their mockery and slandering just increased as they said things like, “No revelation today? Your Lord surely hates you now!”

Wake Up and See the Sunshine

So often do we not feel that Allah (swt) really hates us? He must hate us for all the pain we get, right? No— the answer comes!

By the morning brightness! [Quran, 93:1]

Your life was all hustle and bustle like the morning brightness! It was bright and sunny before, and don’t worry, it still is today! Wake up, look at the sunshine, look at life around you— it’s not all doom and gloom.

And by the night when it grows still . . . [Quran, 93:2]

Yes, a depressed life is like the stillness of the night; nothing moves, nothing seems to be going forward. But what comes after the stillness of the night? The bright morning! It was a bright morning only hours earlier, and another bright morning is coming! Its okay, don’t worry, good times are ahead. Get some sleep.

Allah (swt) Loves You and Has not Deserted You

Your Master has not said goodbye to you nor does He hate! [Quran, 93:3]

Your Master has not even said goodbye, so don’t worry! Wadda’a in Arabic is a loving goodbye. Your Master has not even lovingly said goodbye to you and doesn’t “hate.” Still not impressed? Look at how Allah (swt) gives you evidence that He doesn’t hate you or that He hasn’t said goodbye to you.

Things Will Get Better!

And the future will be better for you than the past. [Quran, 93:4]

Look forward. After bad times come good, and after pain comes ease. And if not, then the believer knows that after death comes paradise. Yes, it’s painful, but hold on, the future will be better!

Your Master will give you so much that you will be pleased. [Quran, 93:5]

Don’t worry, be patient. A time is coming that Allah will give you so much that you will be pleased. For many of us in this world, if not then at least in the hereafter in sha Allah! Imagine all that you wanted. Your wildest dreams that you know will never come true, Allah will make them all come true in paradise. You still need proof right?

Remember What He’s Already Saved You From

Did he not find you an orphan and shelter you? [Quran, 93:6]

Many of you were orphaned once upon a time, either you lost your father or both father and mother. But didn’t Allah help you out of it? Aren’t you better now? What about us with both parents? Were we not helpless and small babies, and didn’t Allah give us parents as a shelter? Or maybe uncles and aunties? Or brothers and sisters? Did Allah not give us a shelter?

And He found you lost(or searching) and guided you. [Quran, 93:7]

Were we not lost and wandering in the ocean of misguidance once and Allah guided us? Were we not searching for happiness everywhere (some of us still might be) whereas it was in the guidance of Allah? Ask Allah (swt) to guide you through man. Look what He did for you before, is He really going to forsake and bid you goodbye?

Remember His Generousity to You

And He found you in need and satisfied your need? [Quran, 93:8]

How many a times have we needed something and it was satisfied by Allah (swt)? We needed parents to take care of us and Allah (swt) gave that to us. We needed food and Allah created the world in such a way that we can extract food. We needed help and Allah (swt)created someone to help us. We needed and He satisfied? Are you yet not convinced that Allah (swt) is going to help? If you are, now time to take action. What do you do?

So do not be harsh with the orphan. And do not turn away the one who asks for help. [Quran, 93: 9]

In short, get active in the community. Help those who are in a worse condition than you are. That will humble your heart, take your mind off your own problems as you focus on others’. It will make you a stronger man and you will also be reminded of the bounties of God in your life and you will thus be grateful. Did I say grateful?

Talk About the Blessings of Your Master

Any of those people writing books on “being happy” or on “positive thinking” will tell you to look at the good side of life. This is exactly what Allah (swt) prescribes, just that He did 1400 years before today in the Quran and also in previous scriptures. Talk about the blessings Allah (swt) has given you. You’ve whined and complained enough. Now talk about how much He’s given you and thank Him for it. When was the last time we thanked Him for our eyes? For good skin? For not having a stomach ulcer? For the immune system?

Talk about the blessings of your Master— therein is peace.


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