by Ummay Qasim

Learn Arabic, for indeed it increases honour. ~ Umar Ibn Khuttaab

 A chaste freshwater spring,

Deep, sweet, fluent, and melodious,

Where the language of paradise rings—

Its history and future miraculous.


Arabic, the divine language, in which

Adam greeted angels, with God’s will,

The language precious and rich—

Arabic, scented with this fresh dill.


The Quran is the last and final holy writ,

The most wonderful book in the history of literature.

God selected a royal language for it,

Powerful and eloquent in nature.


Your wounds can’t be healed until

You strive to hear His word.

Learn the language of holy tablet and quill,

And strengthen your soul to lead the herd.


Learning Arabic language is Waajib (an obligation)! Why, because learning Quraan and Sunnah is Waajib and whatever leads to the fulfillment of a Waajib is in itself Waajib, so learning Arabic is Waajib.   ~ Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyah


[It is] an Arabic Quran, without any deviance that they might become righteous. [Quran, 39:28]





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