By Raiiq Ridwan

Ibrahim alayhi salam called his people to Allah, and he reminded people to worship Allah alone and to stop worshipping idols. How was he rewarded for his efforts? His people not only hated him, but also planned to kill him.

They made a huge bonfire that was very high and very hot. They also prepared a catapult so that Ibrahim alayhi salam could be thrown right into the middle of the fire and be burned to death.

When he was about to be thrown in, he uttered words that have been immortalized by Allah to this day: Hasbun Allahu wa ni’mal Wakeel (Allah is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Caretaker of Affairs) [Narrated by Bukhari].

The dua, the prayer that he recited was so powerful that Allah commanded the fire, O fire, be coolness and safety upon Abraham. [Quran 21:69]. Allah changed the laws of nature to protect His slave after he uttered the prayer.

Many thousand years later, in the Battle of Uhud, the Muslim army was under attack and almost defeated. The hypocrites among the people of Madinah were taunting the Muslims, asking them to fear the great gathering against them. Allah records that conversation:

. . . to whom hypocrites said, ‘Indeed, the people have gathered against you, so fear them.’ But it increased them in faith, and they said, ‘Sufficient for us is Allah , and He is the best caretaker of affairs.’ [Quran 3:173]

Allah turned the tide around for the Muslims, and the disbelievers of Quraysh were forced to flee. From the jaws of defeat, Allah preserved their honour.

A few years after that incident, one of the hypocrites of Madinah accused the beloved wife of the Prophet, Aishah radi Allahu anha of having committed adultery. This accusation and rumour spread very swiftly within Madinah and even some of the Muslims got involved in it.

Suffering, tearful, and absolutely distraught, our mother Aishah said, HasbiAllahu wa ni’mal wakeel (Allah is sufficient for me, and He is the Best Caretaker of Affairs). Allah then revealed over 20 verses of Quran in Surah Noor to defend the honour of our mother Aishah. Think about it: her prayer was so powerful that Allah from above the seven heavens came to her defense. What better advocate than the One who knows all, sees all, and hears all? Allahu akbar.

What is the meaning of this very powerful dua? What was in it that changed the laws of nature for Ibrahim alayhi salam, turned around annihilation for the believers at Uhud, and brought down divine words to protect the honour of Aishah radi Allahu anha?

A Blueprint For a Muslim Response

This is a blueprint for how a believer ought to react when the going gets tough. When the world seems to be collapsing in, when people seem to have turned away, when the world seems absolutely cruel and pushes us to our knees, that is when this prayer needs to come out.

This prayer is the epitome of trusting in Allah. This prayer tells our own heart, tells the shaytan, and tells the world that whatever might happen, Allah is enough for us. He was enough for us before, He is enough for us today, and He is enough for us forever.

No matter what we may be going through, Allah knows all about it, and He has a plan. He is sufficient in providing us with all that we seek. All we need to do is trust.

Can we not put our trust in the One who makes sure the sun rises in the East and sets in the West every day? Can I not put my trust in the one who has created my eyes, my ears, my tongue, my stomach, and all that I have? Can we not put our trust in the One who has created such a pristinely beautiful world?

If we put our trust in Allah like the examples before us, Allah will create miracles too. Ibrahim alayhi salam trusted in Allah, and Allah changed the laws of nature. Musa alayhi salam trusted in Allah and Allah split the sea in two.

We spend too long looking at the vastness of the sea, forgetting that our Lord can split it in two. We stand on the edge of a cliff and fear the drop, forgetting that our Lord can teach us how to fly. We forget that it is He who has promised, Most certainly with difficulty there is ease. [Quran 94:5]

Let us recite today, Hasbun Allahu wa ni’mal wakeel (Allah is sufficient for us, and He is the best caretaker of our affairs), and remember His glorious Words:

Allah will find a way out for those who are mindful of Him, and will provide for them from a source they never expected; Allah will be enough for those who put their trust in Him. Allah achieves His purpose; Allah has set a due measure for everything.” [Quran 65:2-3]

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