by Ummay Qasim
History is muddled,
Theories and ideologies are trembling,
New technologies are being introduced,
And the rate of development is lightning fast!
Man is trying to pierce the skies,
Yet the future is still insecure.
Who will lead humanity?
Who will tell us what’s right—
What’s wrong?
Who will guide us towards
The true, straight path,

The path without u-turns—

The path leading to success?

It is the divine book.
Our beloved Lord has written it for us
And saved it in a holy tablet.
Graceful angels keep it in their pious hands;
Each word is protected by them.
Each word opens rusted doors in minds and souls.
Each word is like a pleasant breeze
That blows stone hearts tender.
It is free from painful doubts.
Those of us who are astray use the holy book as an adornment.

We keep it in a velvet cover on our bookshelves
And feel proud when others regard it with admiring eyes.
We move rosary beads in front of it.
We show how respectful and pious we are.
We recite it daily.

But our voices lift in vain
If we are unaware of its teachings.
This holy book encloses a sea of knowledge,
From insects moving in the soil to birds flying in the sky,
From how to live to how to die.
Its knowledge is for everyone
And it shows the path
Straight to righteousness.

If we want to understand what has been written in it
We must soften our hearts and sow the seeds of faith.



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