Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, Ramadan Mubarak!

The holy Ramadan has just begun. We strive to make the most of it every year. But due to worldly and other distractions, most often than not, we fall short of our own expectations. How wonderful would it be, if there was a friend who could help you meet your Ramadan goals and resolutions?

The Ramadan planner developed by UQA can be your friend. It helps you to plan, organize and track your everyday Ramadan activities. We have also developed a simple and practical tool to meet your resolutions.

Plus, we have this amazing and easy Asma ul Husna Ramadan challenge, memorize 3 names of Allah daily and by the end of this Ramadan you will be memorizing all the 99 names insha Allah.

All this is absolutely free!!!

How to use the Ramadan planner and Asma ul Husna tracker:
1. Download and print the planner
2. Ramadan tracker
  – Color or tick mark each day on mentioned activity like, fast, salah etc. when you are done doing it that day.
  – Even if you have done a small part like, reading/memorizing a verse of Qur’an, color/tick the check box
3. Write down the bad habit you skipped that day and mention the new good habit you performed to the given columns
4. Goal tracker
  – keep coloring/ticking the performed deed each day
5. Charity tracker
  – when you give something in charity (even a smile to your brother/sister) write it down
6. Asma ul Husna tracker
  – We have mentioned all the 99 names of Allah
  – Memorize atleast 3 names daily
  – Color or tick the memorized names each day
  – By the end of this Ramadan insha Allah you will memorize all 99 names
7. Practice the given tips about last 10 days and Eid day
8. Track the 6 days of Shawwal fasts same way
9. Try to practice post Ramadan given tips

So, download this attached free Ramadan planner, complete the Asma ul Husna memorize challenge and make it the best Ramadan of your life ever insha Allah. Don’t forget to share and get rewards from Allah Swt.

JazakAllahu khairan,
Team UQA

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