Ramadan Challenge

A creative way of teaching children the spirit of Islam, Ramadan, Quran and Sunnah.

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What is Taught?


Connecting children with the Qur'an


Quranic Gems for children


Habits of Happy Muslim Kids


What is Taqwa?


Seerah of Prophet (pbuh)


Ramadan Offers from Allah


Do’s and Dont’s


Are you a Ramadan Muslim?


Common Mistakes in Ramadan


Ramadan Targets


Productive Ramadan Tips


Post Ramadan tips

Cash Rewards

Upto 1,00,000 in Rewards




Saturday & Sunday
04:30 pm to 05:00 pm, Indian standard time
02:00 pm to 02:40 pm, Saudi time
11:00 am to 11:40 pm, London time

Medium of Class


Who will teach you?

Dr Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem

Founder & Director, UQA

Mohsin Siddiqui

Academic Director, UQA

Abdul Raheem Nayeemuddin

Master Trainer, UQA

Imran Khan

Internation Qari

Abdul Mannan

NLP Trainer

Ahmed Mudassir

Trainer, UQA

How will we teach?

Live Classes

DIY Activities


Weekly Projects

Scenario Based Learning

Class Schedule

Laylatul Qadr the night of power 

Ramadan Special Program for Kids 2023

Live Classes Schedule

Date Sessions Session Replay Download PPT




Topic: Quranic gems for children

Speaker: Br. Qari Imran Khan

Watch here Click here




Topic: What is Taqwa?

Speaker: Br. Mohsin Siddiqui 

Watch here Click here

Topic: Ramadan Offers from Allah

Speaker: Br. Qari Imran 

Watch here Click here

Topic: Tips for Productive Ramadan

Speaker: Br. Abdul Mannan 

Watch here Click here

Topic: Common Mistakes in Recitation of Qu'ran

Speaker: Br. Qari Imran 

Watch here Click here




Topic: Rights of the Quran

Speaker: Br. Abdul Raheem 

Watch here Click here



 Topic: Laylatul Qadr the night of power

Speaker: Br.Qari Imran Khan

Watch here Click here

Topic: Seven Habits of Muslim Kids

Speaker: Br. Mohsin Siddiqui

Topic: How to interact with the Qur'an

Speaker: Sr Nasreen Ejaz

Watch here Click here

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Project And DIY Activities

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