In our last instalment we went into the first part of the titanic conversation between Musa alayhi salam and Allah. Allah had given Musa alayhi salam a brief explanation of faith, and given him a training in trusting in Allah. Now Allah will hand him the real deal, the main mission to Egypt!

24 Go to Pharaoh, for he has truly become a tyrant.’ 25 Moses said, ‘Lord, lift up my heart 26 and ease my task for me. 27 Untie my tongue, 28 so that they may understand my words, 29 and give me a helper from my family, 30 my brother Aaron– 31 augment my strength through him. 32 Let him share my task 33 so that we can glorify You much 34 and remember You often: 35 You are always watching over us.’ 36 God said, ‘Moses, your request is granted. [Quran 20:24-36]

Allah orders Musa alayhi salam to go to Firawn and give him the warning.

Lesson One: Dua and Da’wah go hand-in-hand

Allah had just given Musa alayhi salam probably the toughest task on earth! He was to go and talk to the worst of tyrants, and what does he do first? He makes dua. Everyone who calls to Allah, should also call on Allah frequently. The first calling, of calling Allah, is more important than the second calling, calling people to Allah. The one does the former a lot, will find the latter come more easily

Lesson Two: Know your weaknesses

Musa alayhi salam knows that he has a problem speaking. He used to stutter. And he knew that Firawn would say the harshest of words. And that would have made him stressed and angry. People who have a stutter usually see it get worse when they are stressed, anxious, angry or even tense! And hence Musa alayhi salam asks for Allah’s help in easing his tongue!

Lesson Three: Concern for the people

Even before worrying about his safety, Musa alayhi salam is worrying about whether the people will understand him. He asks Allah to help his tongue such that people may understand his words. That was the amount of concern that the Prophet Musa had for the people. Interestingly, Allah had asked him to go to Firawn, but Musa alayhi salam was aiming for excellence. He wanted everyone to get the message of Islam and be guided. That was the care he had for the people!

Lesson Four: Love for his brother

Musa alayhi salam had at this time, not seen his brother Harun alayhi salam for at least ten years, perhaps even more. Yet, as soon as Allah gives him the task, he asks Allah to make his brother to be a prophet as well, to share in his task! That is love for a brother. Musa alayhi salam is also keeping a plan B in case the Egyptians plan to kill him, or arrest him. He wants the work of Allah to continue even if he may not be the one to finish it

Lesson Five: All he wanted is the worship of Allah

At times while we are doing lots of what we would call “religious” things we might forget the purpose. Musa alayhi salam makes it clear though that the reason he is going to Firawn, the reason he wants his brother as fellow Prophet is so that, so that we can glorify You much 34 and remember You often. The aim in any dawah work or any other Islamic work is to make sure that the worship of Allah is increased, and that is what Musa alayhi salam wanted

41 I have chosen you for Myself. 42 Go, you and your brother, with My signs, and make sure that you remember Me. 43 Go, both of you, to Pharaoh, for he has exceeded all bounds. 44 Speak to him gently so that he may take heed, or show respect.’ 45 They said, ‘Lord, we fear he will do us great harm or exceed all bounds.’ 46 He said, ‘Do not be afraid, I am with you both, hearing and seeing everything. [Quran 20:41-46]

Lesson Six: Allah chooses, but it is up to the chosen to prove themselves

Allah reminds us this lesson over and over again. Allah is reminding Musa alayhi salam that He had chosen Him. In the passage just before this Allah tells Musa alayhi salam the story of his birth, and He reminds Musa alayhi salam of the tremendous blessings that was bestowed upon him by Allah. And whoever Allah chooses, He blesses Him and asks of a greater responsibility for him. Allah chose Musa alayhi salam and saved him from the clutches of Firawn so that Musa alayhi salam can do a grand mission. Allah chose us to be Muslims, and it is up to us to win over our trials in life and prove ourselves to be worthy of Paradise and companionship with the likes of Musa alayhi salam

Lesson Seven: “And make sure that you remember Me”

Again Allah reminds us of the importance of remembering Him. He is asking two Prophets of His to remember Him at all times. This shows that as human beings we are prone to forgetting Allah. And remembering Allah in every aspect of our lives is the first step to coming closer to Him and earning His pleasure. Remember him when you wake up, remember Him when you eat, remember Him when you are in hardship, remember Him when in ease.

Lesson Eight: There is no shame in being afraid

Musa and Haroon alayhimassalam both made the dua saying that they were afraid for their lives. These are two Prophets, raised in a righteous family, and they are afraid? Yes they are. It is natural to be afraid. On a much smaller scale, we are afraid of our decisions we take for Allah. Sisters may be afraid of the consequences of taking up the hijab. A brother might be afraid of the consequences of breaking off his haram relationship. It is ok to be afraid, but remember…..

Lesson Nine: Put your trust in Allah and do it. When He is with you, why be afraid?

You see why Allah mentions remembering Him so much? So that when you and I are afraid, are struggling, we remember Him. What has one got to fear when he is making a decision for the sake of Allah? Who has one got to fear when all he wants is to obey Allah? Allah is All-Hearing, and All-Seeing. Do the right thing knowing that He will be with you all the way through


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