We move on today with trying our best to extract lessons from the stories of the Quran. Of course the best way to tap into that would be to learn Quranic Arabic as is taught by the Understand Quran Academy so that we can understand the words of Allah in the original language and really feel our way into the stories. Last time we talked about the story of the birth of Musa alayhi salam. Today we will talk about one of the greatest conversations in the history of humanity, when Allah spoke directly to Musa alayhi salam in the mountain! We will again focus on one of the passages in the Quran even though it is mentioned in other passages. We will pick on Surah Taha to be our topic of discussion!

9 Has the story of Moses come to you ? 10 He saw a fire and said to his family, ‘Stay here––I can see a fire. Maybe I can bring you a light from it or find some guidance there.’ 11When he came to the fire, he was summoned, ‘Moses! 12 I am your Lord. Take off your shoes: you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa. 13 I have chosen you, so listen to what is being revealed. 14 I am God; there is no god but Me. So worship Me and keep up the prayer so that you remember Me. 15 The Hour is coming––though I choose to keep it hidden––for each soul to be rewarded for its labour. 16 Do not let anyone who does not believe in it and follows his own desires distract you from it, and so bring you to ruin.’

Musa alayhi salam was with his family and travelling in the desert when he suddenly saw a fire in the distance. He asked his family to wait so that he may get some light from the fire, or get some guidance from the people there

Lesson One: Allah gives us signs

Just like Musa alayhi salam was given the sign of the burning fire, Allah gives all of us signs in this life. Sometimes it is an ayah of the Quran that may touch our heart, or a heart penetrating reminder. Sometimes it is just a person we meet who teaches us a lot, or just life circumstances. When Allah shows us signs, it is upto us to take them

Lesson Two: Allah’s words are a light and guidance

Ironically Musa alayhi salam said that he would go and see if he could get a light or some guidance. Allah through this conversation will give him the ultimate light of His words and ultimate guidance being the guidance from Allah! Allah has given us a light and guidance through the Quran, how much of it have we kept?

Lesson Three: Allah chooses whom He wills

Allah tells Musa alayhi salam that he was chosen to be Allah’s prophet, and chosen among the thousands of babies killed to be saved. Allah chooses whoever He wills. He chose that you would be reading this article at this moment, while most people are not. He chose that you would have a computer with an internet connection. He chose that I would be a Muslim while many are not. It is all from the blessings of Allah. The question is, how do you and I utilize the blessings?

Lesson Four: Prayer, prayer, prayer!

Remember the time you met someone you honoured, admired, or someone who was a celebrity. Would you ever forget that? Hardly doubt so! Yet, Allah reminds Musa alayhi salam to establish the prayer so that he may remember Allah. And yet, Musa alayhi salam has just heard Allah speak. Would he ever have forgotten? How important then is our prayers and turning to Allah?

Lesson Five: Even the best of people require sincere counsel

Allah went on to remind Musa alayhi salam that if he was to turn away, then he might be punished as well. The best of people also need to be reminded of the judgement and of hellfire. The best of people also need to be reminded that other people might turn them away from Allah, so do not let that happen! If Musa alayhi salam can be reminded about Judgement Day, who are we to act arrogant whenever we are reminded of retribution? Who are we to think we are safe by our petty deeds when this mighty Messenger of God listens silently to the warning?

Lesson Six: This is Islam summarized

Allah first mentions that none is worthy of worship except Him alone. He then made it clear to Musa alayhi salam to establish the prayer for Allah’s remembrance and then made mention of the Day of Judgement. This is what we need to enter Paradise! Worship Allah alone, establish the prayers, remember Allah and be mindful of the hereafter, and Jannah will be ours in sh Allah

17 ‘Moses, what is that in your right hand?’ 18 ‘It is my staff,’ he said, ‘I lean on it; restrain my sheep with it;a I also have other uses for it.’ 19 God said, ‘Throw it down, Moses.’ 20 He threw it down and– lo and behold!– it became a fast-moving snake. 21 He said, ‘Pick it up without fear: We shall turn it back into its former state. 22Now place your hand under your armpit and it will come out white, though unharmed: that is another sign. 23We do this to show you some of Our greatest signs.

After mentioning the main message of Islam to the Prophet Musa, Allah now moves on to give an important training to Musa alayhi salam.

Lesson Seven: Talk to Allah as much as you can

Once Allah gives an opportunity to Musa alayhi salam to talk, he takes it with both hands! He keeps going on and on about his staff! How much do we talk to Allah when given the opportunity? Do we like to “finish off the prayer” or are actually trying to make time to talk to Allah?

Lesson Eight: Everything in life can be a double edged sword

Musa alayhi salam mentioned all the blessings of his staff. Then Allah asked him to throw it down, and it became a snake- something very harmful! Everything in this world can be such. The proverbial example of the knife which can cut vegetables versus the same knife which can kill people is one to ponder upon. All the blessings in life are blessings which can be for us or against us, depending on how we use it!

Lesson Nine: Trust in Allah

Another place in the Quran, it is mentioned that Musa alayhi salam ran when he saw the snake! And yet Allah asks him to pick it up. An order from Allah, and just like his mother many many years ago, Musa alayhi salam listens to the order of Allah and the snake turns back to a staff! Allah just taught Musa alayhi salam and by extension all of us to trust in the command of Allah. Whatever He commands is good for us, even if we may not know it, and if we truly trust Him, miracles will happen!

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