We worry and run after material things believing that these things are our providers. We need to take time out to reflect on one of the greatest attributes of Allah, i.e. Ar-Razzaq. We all know about Him as The Provider, but do we really internalize it? Do our hearts deeply rely on the providence of Allah?

Allah stated in Holy Quran:

Verily, Allah is the All-Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong. [Quran, 51:58]

Is there any creator other than Allah, Who provides you from the heaven and the earth? There is no god but He. How, then, are you turning away (from Him). [Quran, 35:3]

These Quranic verses are a reminder for us that Allah is the One who provides for us. Generally we assume that provision is only for material things, especially money. But this attribute of Allah is immense, and it reveals that Allah is The Provider of each and everything.

Everything? Yes, Everything.

It includes all material things, like money, food, water, air, shelter, and protection. And besides meeting our physiological needs, He is also providing for our psychological needs. Sometimes He gives us love through the love of ohers. Sometimes by means of isolation and loneliness He gifts us with tranquillity and a sense of His nearness. By giving us responsibilities He fulfils our needs for autonomy and competence.

Look at Nature

We can better understand about Ar-Razzaq when we ponder at other living objects. He provides food and protection to the flying birds who daily leave their nests with firm faith that Allah is The Provider. And because of their faith Allah fills their empty stomachs daily.

Allah is the One who provides food, water, air, and sunlight to a small seedling, and by His grace that seedling grows into a plant. Similarly, He is the One who takes cares of that microscopic insect in the depths of ocean where no light enters.

And so many a moving (living) creature carries not its own provision! Allah provides for it and for you. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower. [Quran, 29:60]

If Allah provides for a small insect, a sapling, or a small bird, then is He not sufficient for us? Does He not know what we need and what we want? Is He not aware of our physical and psychological requirements? Will He not provide risq (lightness) to a starving heart?

The fact is that He is taking care of all of us, and He is providing for us from unlimited means. Sometimes we get depressed and despair of ever receiving His infinite mercy. At that point, we need to think and reflect on this attribute of Allah. We also need to remember the supplication of Prophet Musa:

My Lord! I am in need of whatever good that You bestow on me. [Quran, 28:24]

Knowing Allah as Ar-Razzaq would help us to ask Him for our providence. It would strengthen our belief in our Lord. We will feel lighthearted when we know that Allah makes things available to us from limitless sources.

by Sumbal Tariq


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