by Amani Iqbal

The following is an encouragement for those who may feel that learning the Qur’an is too difficult or will not bring great rewards.

The Importance of Qur’anic Learning

As a child growing up in Dubai, the Arabic language was a part of my school curriculum. However, as we all know, the Arabic in the Quran is far more eloquent than the everyday Arabic that is spoken and written. As such, I never quite knew how to link the language I learned to the Quran I read on a daily basis.

As the years passed, I would read the Quran regularly along with the translation but it would never truly penetrate and I would sooner or later forget the meaning of what I had read.

The Prophet (may peace be upon him) once said, “The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Sahih Bukhari)

You may wonder, “How can this apply to my life if I am not a scholar of Deen?”

Baby Steps

In 2010 I attended an Understanding Quran one-day course in Colombo. Subhanallah, that one-day course became the catalyst for my religious learning. Within a week I’d completed the rest of the course through self-study at home and could not believe that in just one week I had learnt the entire meaning of my Salah! Reading Salah took on a whole new meaning and made me reflect, understand and actually practice what I was reading in Salah.

If I could learn the meaning of Salah in a week, then surely I could apply the same techniques to learning the rest of Quran. This desire to learn grew in my heart and to this day I try to learn at least one word or ayah of the Quran on a daily basis.

Once you learn a few surahs, it will definitely boost your confidence and encourage you to do more.  It is just as easy as learning any other language. Moreover, it is a great source of ajr and a means of success not only in this life but in the aakhira as well!

Passing it on

When can you start teaching what you have learned? And to whom should we teach it?

The answer to the first question is— today! Regardless of how much Islamic knowledge you have gained, each word or verse or hadith that you teach someone can bring you ajr until the end of time! You will never know the impact that your one word of Quran had on another person– that’s between them and Allah – but the reward will be yours as well.

Who can you teach? I have pondered over this question many times and it was when my child was born that the answer to this question dawned on me. Many of us may feel shy to approach strangers or even friends to pass on Islamic knowledge. If “charity begins at home” then so does education and the spreading of Islamic knowledge.

To summarise:

  1. Recognise the importance of learning and teaching the Qur’an.
  2. Begin studying. Try spending just fifteen minutes to half an hour a day to learn and understand even one ayah of Quran. Gain confidence!
  3. As soon as you start learning, pass the knowledge on. Begin with your own children if you have them, and move on to parents, other family members, friends, and then non-Muslims.

Take time to recognise the great blessings that enter your life when you study and teach the Qur’an.

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