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The Quran has a liberating effect on the human mind. It relieves us from social pressures, superstitions, and baseless fears. In the past people felt compelled to fear and worship countless useless things, and the primary objective of the Quran was to give humanity a clear platform for thinking. The Quran heralded change; the prophet (saw), in the light of the Quran, paved the way for the elevation of mankind.

And He has subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth— all from Him. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought. [Quran, 45:13]

The Seeds of an Amazing Garden

The Quran planted seeds for the inexorable rise of mankind. It enables us to see things as they really are, dispelling myths, illusions, and distortions.

The main concern for any human being should be to attain mental clarity and a convincing and cogent understanding of things, to know the universe at large and its purpose. The Quran aids us in this quest and walks with us in this intellectual journey. It provides us with spiritual awareness and awakening, which guides us in all our endeavors. Someone having achieved such clarity can live with confidence and hope to scale great heights in this world and the hereafter.

Allah (swt) has established the primacy of the human race among all other creations in clear, categorical terms: We have certainly created man in the best of stature.  [Quran, 95:4]

The physical capacities of human beings are formidable. They’re strong and agile, fast and efficient. This gives them an edge over other creatures. But our mental potential is really what puts us in a totally different league, leaving no room for competition from other creatures.

A  Mental Creature

Man is fundamentally a mental creature. The intellectual quest and the pleasures arising from it are sublime. Human mental abilities make us indisputably the best among all creations.

But he will fall from grace if he doesn’t have the right attitude. Wise men will stay focused on eternal and permanent things rather than getting distracted with ephemeral, trifling affairs. We are, forever, servants of God. This is the single most important eternal truth for us. Allah (swt) has asserted man’s closeness with Him. Allah (swt) will help man in all his endeavors, worldly and spiritual, provided he has the right attitude.

Man’s distinction owes largely to his mental abilities. The Quran rightly addresses his mental faculties, constantly urging its readers to be curious and contemplative. Every living thing is created from water. [Quran, 21:30] The Quran has asked men who lived fourteen odd centuries earlier to think about such profound phenomena.

It has always demonstrated high hopes for human beings, but we of the scientific era are obliged more than ever before to be curious in understanding the creation and functioning of this world. We have to witness and examine the creations and comprehend the Creator behind them. We have to acquire a comprehensive wisdom.

Opening Frontiers of Wisdom

Every day we’re blessed with new inventions, facilities and abilities. Time is getting more and more elastic for us. Human reach is expanding in all directions with every passing day. Yet unrevealed human potential is staggering. With the Quran to guide us and with scientific inventions to give us perspective, unimaginable frontiers of wisdom open for us.

The Quran has been sent to help man with the right spirit and energy to scale great heights. We ignore this at our own peril. The Quran will guide its faithful reader through this world like a parent kindly and carefully aiding his child to cross a busy road. The Quran makes the path to our destination much easier. Human society can’t survive without the Quran, let alone develop. This is evident in the fact that Allah has promised to guard the Quran.

Allah has sent the Quran as a direction for all of humanity and as a blessing for its faithful readers. We should harness its positive energy and realize our full potential, mentally and physically. Drawing inspiration and courage from the Quran, we can march ahead with confidence.

That is, in essence, going back to our roots.

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