Many years ago while teaching Quran in my spare time, I was asked by my elder brother to prepare a list of commonly occurring words in the Quran. In about a year, that list grew from a few words to almost 500 words that occur in the Quran 63,000 times which is 80.7% of Quranic Vocabulary.

This list was published as “80% Words of the Qur’an.” I was so excited to realise that if one learned only these 500 words one could understand the majority of Quran. So I printed this booklet and distributed it in different cities. By the next year, I did not find even three people who had learned it all.

I then realised it wasn’t possible to learn the Quran from a list of words.

Allah (swt) gave me another idea. Why not look at our daily prayers and compare them with the commonly occurring words in the Quran? And there it was— a pleasant surprise! 50% of the words in the Quran come from words of Salah— your five daily prayers! A great gift and a big short-cut for those eager to understand Quran.

125 Words That Repeat 40,000 times in Quran

(52% of Quranic Vocabulary)

And it’s only 125 words you already recite daily. All you need to learn is their meanings. You need a basic grammar. Literally in nine hours of study, you can not only pray with understanding, but also understand 50% of the words in the Quran. What a gift! What a surprise!

This is how our very first course– Understand Quran 50% Words was born.

Alhamdulillah, I have taught this course more than 70 times in different countries and every time I taught it, I tried to improve it.

I ask you to watch only three lessons and inshAllah you will be convinced of how easy it is to learn Quran.

Our courses use the latest concepts of teaching such as NLP (natural language processing), statistics, interactive teaching, modern methods to learn the vocabulary, and TPI (total physical interaction), a new, powerful, and interesting way to learn the grammar as well.

I had an intention from the beginning to teach the Quran the easy way and more interactively so that students would enjoy it. Students would be able to not only read but also to understand the Quran as well. This in return would help them to understand what they recite in the five daily salah, inshaAllah.

We would like to join your school and provide your students with the same Quranic Arabic curriculum that has helped 10s of 1000s of students around the globe read and understand Quran and their five daily prayers.


Abdulazeez Abdulraheem,

Founder UQA

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