by Raiiq Ridwan

Muslims the world over believe that the Quran is the undisputed word of Allah. They believe that the Most Honourable, Allah sent the most honourable angel, Gabriel, to the most honourable city, Makkah, in the most honourable month of Ramadan, on the most honourable night of Laylatul Qadr to the most honourable to ever walk the face of this Earth, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

Yet, sadly very few Muslims, mostly non-Arabs and even some Arabs struggle to understand the Quran. Moreover, there is a myth perpetrated that understanding the Quran is difficult, time-consuming and ultimately not for everyone. This is very simply a trick of Shaytan to take us away from the Book of Allah. Just a 9-hour course, like the 50% of the Quranic Words course in is enough to set us on the way to a much greater understanding of the Quran. And that’s just the first step. And at the least, even a translation is of great help!

So here are four of many reasons why we should understand the Quran.

1. Don’t you want to understand what your Beloved says?

If Muslims are asked as to whom they love the most, the unanimous answer would be- Allah. If they are asked whom they love among human beings the most, the unanimous answer would be “the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam”. Interestingly, this is across cultures and continents, and even with those who do not regularly pray or fast. When a man loves a woman, he seeks to find a way to talk to her, understand her verbal cues, understand what her change of tone signifies, etc. Yet, Allah has given us a way to talk to Him, to understand what it is that He has told us, and yet we pay no heed to it?

2. Spirituality, coping mechanisms, and quality of life all suffer

Islam is the only religion which has an in-built system which ensures that our spiritual needs are met- Salah. Salah is also a coping mechanism in times of difficulty as seen during the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. During any distress, any pain, he would always seek help in patience and prayer as the Quran ordered. In fact the prayer was prescribed in the year of his life known as the Year of Sorrow when both his uncle Abu Talib and beloved wife Khadija radi Allahu anhu died. Thus Salah is also essentially a very useful coping mechanisms for times of depression, helplessness and trials and tribulations in life. However, the major part of the Salah is the reading of the Quran. An understanding of at least the basic everyday small Surahs of the Quran would radically transform our Salawat. That is exactly what the 50% of the Quranic Words course in achieves.

3. Cleansing and strengthening of the heart and soul

Allah says in the Quran, “Successful indeed is the one who purified it [the soul]” [1]. And Allah further says in the Quran that the Quran is, “a healing for the diseases in your heart” [2]. Allah also says in the Quran that the purpose of Allah’s arranging the book as it is, and revealing it slowly is because, “We may strengthen your heart” [3].

4. Daily guidance and a relationship with Allah

The Quran is a guide for humanity as its mentioned multitudes of times through the Quran itself. Sinner or saint, prince or pauper, rich or poor- the Quran has something for everyone, and every single day the ayaat of the Quran can act as a guide for how we can live our lives to the fullest, yet please Allah. Moreover, the success in life depends very much on how we develop our relationship with Allah. If it doesn’t involve the words of Allah, how much of a relationship are we building if we are not talking? Especially to the One who always listens?

Raiiq Ridwan

[1] Quran 91:9

[2] Quran 10:57

[3] Quran 25:32

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