best of statureBy Sarfraaz Ahmed

“Daddy, please help me!”

“But son, I am busy with my office work. I can’t come now”

“Pleeeeease Daddy, it will take only two minutes!”

After a lot of coaxing, Daddy agrees to help his four-year-old son. Son explains the problem: he was playing cricket with his friends when somebody hit the ball so hard that it landed inside the garage. They can see that the ball is under the wooden bench. But they want Daddy to come and lift the bench, as it’s too heavy for them.

In no time, Daddy lifts the bench and the son takes out the ball. He’s completely delighted and shouts to his friends in his loudest voice : “I told you my dad’s the strongest!”

They all run away. Daddy’s a bit puzzled. He grabs his son’s hand and asks him what all this shouting was about. Son confesses that he had purposely kept the ball in the garage to prove to his friends that his Daddy was the strongest. Daddy smiles and tells him not to play such games with him again, as he has important things to do.

On his way back inside the house, Daddy smiles and reflects on the incident. He stops midway when he realizes what a big lesson his son has taught him; Son had his own plans in mind and arranged things in a particular manner that enabled him to show his friends how strong his daddy was.

But Daddy had been totally oblivious to this plan. He’d been busy with his work and had not outright agreed to his son’s request. And, when he helped his son, he found out that the help did not impact his office work at all. In fact, after understanding the whole plot, Daddy had found out how much his son loved him.

It was love for his daddy that had made him do this. It was love for his daddy that had made the son create this plot and that had enabled him to proclaim to all his friends what a hero his daddy was.

Isn’t this what Allah does with us? In Surah At-tin, Allah mentions: Surely We created man in the best mould. [Quran, 95:4]. He gave us the best abilities to perform the noblest of deeds, only because He loves us so much. He then placed us on earth to show to everyone else how great we could be in our deeds.

All this, only because Allah loves us so very much.

We do not know the larger plot of Allah. We also do not know where we fit into the larger scheme of things. But we do know that Allah loves us. We’re like the daddy in the above incident. Allah beckons us; all we have to do is listen to His call and oblige.

Sarfraaz Ahmed is a software professional, currently planning to freelance in the field of Training and Consultancy.



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