by Munira Idrees

Indeed, the best speech is the speech of Allah (swt), and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (saw).

Allah (swt) informs us in the Quran: And you become [of] three kinds [i.e. separate groups]. [Quran, 56:7]

For Muslims it is common knowledge that faith in the akhirah (eternal life after death) is essential. Through the beauty and eloquence of the words of the noble Quran, we must awaken our minds and our hearts; we must not let our faith be just lip-service. Faith should come from the heart in submission to the Lord of the Alamin.

 What Do We Do With Faith?

 Once we’ve established our faith in the certainty of the hereafter, Jannah, and Jahannam, we can question our souls as follows:

  • Will Allah accept me to His Paradise through His mercy?
  • What are the requirements?
  • Am I fulfilling them to the best of my ability?

For He (swt) says:

[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed— and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving. [Quran, 67:2]

So, what are the best of deeds? And why must we do the best— why not simply do good or satisfying deeds?

A World of Competition

Allah (swt) informs His slaves through His intense mercy that He will divide us into three separate groups. Further, He tells us that life and death are merely tests to compel us to compete for the best. Compete for what? Not money. Not status. Not houses.

Rather, we have to sincerely strive to compete in doing the best of deeds that will please our Creator.

Why the Competition?

 When you realize that your Lord, the One Who gave you life, will be pleased with you and favor you among His creations, surely you’ll compete for nothing except deeds— deeds that are sincere, purely done for the countenance of Allah and in the best manner.

Referring back to what the Most Merciful says in surah Waqiah, you’ll be among the best of the three groups, the Sabiqun, the ones brought near to the Almighty. Surely you’ll be accepted to Jannatun na’im.

Jannah or Jahannam? You Choose the Path!

Allah (swt) revealed to us the true guidance and informed therein many warnings, glad tidings, lessons to take heed and commandments. He (swt) gave us the freedom to choose, but showed us the consequences of those who didn’t use their freedom intelligently (though He blessed us with intelligence, the destroyed nations of the past didn’t use this intelligence wisely.)

Now, it’s up to you whether you want to follow their footsteps or follow the ways of those whom Allah favoured the most— the prophets, the martyrs, the truthful, and the righteous. Which of the three groups do you want to be rejected from and which group do you want to be accepted into? You choose.

 How to Start

  1. Listen to surah Waqiah with the translation you understand the best.
  2. Contemplate and ponder the inspiring verses.
  3. Make plans to get to your destination (which of the three groups will you join?)
  4. Invoke Allah (swt) to make the path easy and rewarding

Be Determined!

Lastly, we have to realize, dear brothers and sisters, that we are all creations of Allah (swt). We are weak. We can do nothing except with the help and permission of Allah (swt).

He knows we’re weak but the ones whom He loves and favours the most among His creations are the ones that constantly turn to Him, put their trust only in Him, ask only from Him, and patiently strive.

May Allah make our task easy and make us among His favoured slaves. Ameen.


Munira Idrees is a sister living in London.

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