By Ibn Idris

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YOUR Maker Has Something to Say to YOU

Indeed the best speech is the book of Allah (swt) and the best guidance is the guidance of prophet Muhammad [saws].

In the beauty and eloquence of almighty Allah (swt), there is admonition, guidance, and revival for every heart.

Here are only a few of the many insightful and enlightening messages that Allah (swt) sends to mankind. The words of our Creator, Maker, Provider and Controller are closely directed to every individual slave regardless of condition and situation.

Though the guidance is there free of any demand, the only fortunate ones among those who receive it are those who appreciate it and who desire to follow its requirements.

The Wealthy and Arrogant

  • He[Qarun/Korah] said, “I was only given it because of knowledge I have.” Did he not know that Allah had destroyed before him of generations those who were greater than him in power and greater in accumulation [of wealth]?  [Quran, 28:78]

The Ruler

  • And to Sulaiman [Solomon] [We subjected] the wind strongly raging, running by his command towards the land which We had blessed. And of everything We are the All-Knower. [Quran, 21:81]

The Trader

  • And give full measure when you measure, and weigh with an even balance. That is the best [way] and best in result. [Quran, 17:35]

The Parent

  • And kill not your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Surely, the killing of them is a great sin. [Quran, 17:31]

The Child

  • And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour. [Quran, 17:23]

The Scholar

  • They said, “Exalted are You; we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Indeed, it is You who is the Knowing, the Wise.”  [Quran, 2:32]
  • This is [part] of Al-Hikmah [wisdom, good manners and high character, etc.] which your Lord has inspired to you [O Muhammad saw ]. And set not up with Allah any other ilah [god] lest you should be thrown into Hell, blameworthy and rejected, [from Allah’s Mercy]. [Quran, 17:39]

The Student

  • Say: “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” [Quran, 20:114]

The Believer

  • Those are the ones brought near [to Allah], In the Gardens of delight [Paradise].” [Surah Waqiah 56:11-12]
  • [They will be] on thrones woven with gold and precious stones,  [56:15]
  • Reclining on them, facing each other. [56:16]
  • There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. [56:17]
  • With cups, and jugs, and a glass from the flowing wine [56:18]
  • No headache will they have therefrom, nor will they be intoxicated–[56:19]
    • And fruit of what they select. [56:20]
    • And the meat of fowl, from whatever they desire. [56:21]
    • And [for them are] fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes, [56:22]
    • The likenesses of pearls well-protected, [56:23]
    • As reward for what they used to do. [56:24]
    • No Laghw [dirty, false, evil vain talk] will they hear therein, nor any sinful speech [like backbiting, etc.], [56:25]
    • But only the saying of: Salam!, Salam! [greetings with peace]! [56:26]

Three Key Characteristics

All praise and thanks belongs solely to the true Sustainer, Provider, and Maker of the Worlds, Who through His intense mercy did not leave man to himself to deal with his “problems” in life.

Once we are equipped with the desire to follow His guidance we will successfully achieve the solutions to our problems, by the will and help of the Almighty.

You and I

We, as the mere creations of the Almighty, have no reason whatsoever to abandon the advice of our all powerful Creator. If you and I don’t seek His guidance, if we don’t follow and act on His commands, then to whom do we turn? Who else knows us, controls us, and has the power to either be merciful to us or to punish us, other than Allah (swt)?

We ask Allah (swt) to make of the Quran—His noble words for mankind— the light of our hearts and the banisher of our sorrows. Ameen.

(Munira Idris is a sister from London. To read more of her articles, please visit, www.beingamuslim.co.uk in shaa Allah.)

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