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Course 2: Understand Al-Qur’an – the Easy Way – (Al-Baqarah, Verses 1-37), is the second of the five short courses to help you build a strong foundation in Qur’anic Arabic.

Pre-requisites: Course -1: Understand the Qur’an and the Salah – the easy way


After completion of Course-2, you will

  • Learn 80% of Qur’anic vocabulary (provided you continue reading Al-Baqarah). In other words, you will know 7 out of 9 words in every line, approximately. 
  • Learn weak verbs (معتل افعال).  Every line of the Qur’an has a weak verb on the average. 

Unique features

  • Simple explanation of the verses.
  • Guidelines on how to interact with the Qur’an using AEPP formula, i.e., Ask, Evaluate, Plan and Propagate. 
  • State of the art language learning methods to learn the vocabulary such as “Pointers and Phrases.”
  • Sarf (word construction from a root) for weak verbs, Hamzah-verbs, and verbs with repeated root letters using TPI (Total Physical Interaction), a simple yet powerful technique that makes learning easy and fun.

In-depth Arabic Grammar will be covered in the next courses. These courses teach Qur’anic Arabic from beginner to the advanced level. It is most suitable for busy people who love to jumpstart into learning Qur’anic Arabic the easy way.

  • 85% of Qur’anic words Booklet FREE

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