Mushaf with Five-feature in Urdu


This Mushaf has five special features, here are the details:
1. Tajweed rules: Keeping the Qur’anic Uthmani script as the baseline, a special font with built-in Tajweed rules is used to
help you improve your Tajweed while you recite the Qur’an.
2. Pointers for Qur’anic topics: To remember important topics,
four pointers are given in the external margin of each page. It
will help you understand the meanings inshaAllah.
3. Keywords: In most of the cases, the pointers can be remembered by using keywords. For this purpose, we have
underlined one word or two in each pointer.
4. Meaning of new words: Translation of relatively two or three new words of each line is given in the margin.
5. Grammar: In every line, grammar codes of two new verbs (or nouns derived from a verb) are given in the margin.
Along with this, at the bottom of every page, empty lines are given for you to write important notes.

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Alhamdulillah, Understand Al-Qur’an academy is working on
different aspects of the Qur’an to make it easy for the general
public to recite, understand, ponder, memorize, and propagate it.
InshaAllah you will find this Mushaf very helpful in reciting the
Qur’an with Tajweed, understanding the meanings, remembering
the topics of Qur’anic verses, understanding the patterns of
Arabic verbs, and memorizing it in a better way.
May Allah accept this work and make it a reason for our salvation
in Akhirah. Aameen

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