There are no 600 lessons in Understand Quran 100% course!

You are offering Understand Quran 100% course, but there are no 600 video lessons as mentioned on the website. When will they be uploaded? Do you have this course in Urdu?     Our 100% is an ongoing course (we have specified on the title itself) where new...

Do I need to additionally pay $10 for Apps?

I am a monthly subscriber. Do I need to additionally pay $10 to access the courses through App?   There’s no need to additionally pay for App. If you have purchased a subscription, then you can use the same log-in details to sign in through our...

Can I use your curriculum in our school?

Yes. If you would like to adopt our curriculum in its way and of low price, then please fill in our form by clicking here. We will contact you soon, insha’Allah.
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