Student Attendance Policy

1. Regular Class Attendance:

• If a student failed to attend the first class, please contact [email protected] to explain the reason for absence. For the rest of the classes, please contact the teacher to notify your absence.

• It is highly recommended to attend all classes, so students will understand the contents well.

• Our academy expects at least 80% of attendance per month.

2. Punctual Class Attendance:

• Students are advised to follow all classes on time, especially the first class and failure to do so will result in shortening of the class.

• Make sure to get in touch with your teacher before the class starts (either on skype/phone), so if you have any problems with your class settings, he/she may assist you.

• In emergency situations (connection failure, power cut etc.), please contact your teacher through phone to let her know the situation.

3. Online Classrooms should be considered as the real-based classrooms

• It is vital to treat the classroom as a real based one. The virtual classroom should be regarded as a professional environment.

• Much emphasis will be given to an active participation of students. Teachers will have to submit a report every month concerning the performance of his/her students.

• Anyone who deliberately attempts to distract others will be taken into account by our academy.

4. Regarding Absence:

• If a student fails to attend a class consecutively for two weeks, an email notification will be sent from the official mail ([email protected]) and the failure to reply within the next 24 hours will confirm that you have dropped out from our academy.

• If you are planning to be absent for a class/for a number of classes, make sure to inform in advance, so we can notify the teacher about it. The teacher has to do the same concerning his/her absence.

• If you are a student of 1 to 1 session, the classes missed due to the absence of your teacher will be rescheduled for another day convenient for both you and your teacher, but please note that the classes missed by you will not be substituted. (If you have more than 10 classes per month, then you will have an option of replacing the classes missed by you, but only 2 classes can be replaced per month)

• If you are a student of 1 to many sessions, then the classes missed by you will not be replaced and you will have to watch the recordings to keep up with the lessons; but in case of absence of the teacher, we will reschedule the class by considering the timings which is convenient for both the students and teacher.

• In case of emergencies, it is your responsibility to notify the teacher about your absence and to let him/her know that you will not be in the class.

• If a student wants to pause his/her classes for a month/months, then he/she will be given an option of continuing paying for the classes to retain the same teacher and the timing slots. If it is a temporary withdrawing from our academy, then you can join us back whenever you can, but the availability of the same teacher and the timing slots will not be guaranteed as we work on the come first, serve first basis.

5. Administrative Concern:

• At the end of every month, an attendance report will have to be submitted by every teacher and our academic decisions will be reconsidered according to the percentage of attendance and involvement.

• Once the time for a class is set, it will not be changed unless it’s necessary to do so, and an appropriate decision will be taken by the admin and the teacher in each particular case.

• We strongly advise you to follow through the first trial class very attentively, so you can reconsider your decision if you want; but once you have enrolled and wanted to discontinue thereafter, then your fees for the current month will not be refunded.

• Children those who are under the age of 10 should be guided by their parents and their participation will be observed along with their child.

• Students can send an appeal mail regarding their teachers, class times or any other related issues, and the decision will be taken in accordance with the policies and rules of our academy with the intention of providing the best services for everybody.

• If a student is unsatisfied with his/her teacher in the first week, then he/she can send an appeal mail to us, but please note that a student cannot change his/her teacher for more than once in a month and if that happens 3 times, the student will have an option of opting out from our academy.

• The classes will be conducted all around the year excluding Islamic Holidays which will be announced through our official mail.

• For further enquiries, please contact: [email protected]

6. Refund policy:

  • Refunds are made only within one month of the missed classes
  • Refunds are made on whole month fee only rather you can make up those missed sessions
  • No partial refunds are made for any number of missed classes
  • If student missed one month classes and wish to have full refund he/she/parents must inform the Admin [email protected] by the end of that month and by the first of next month
  • No late refunds requests of over one month will be addressed

8. Making up of the missed classes

  • Any class missed by the student without informing the teacher will be counted as taken for the teacher and WILL NOT BE MADE UP or refunded
  • Only up to 3 classes for a month are to be made up that too within the same month ONLY
  • All missed classes will be made up by the teacher within the same month and NO classes will be made up afterwards
  • Students/parents cannot force the teacher to make up any class for previous months nor ask Admin for refund for the same

• Ask doubts during the session time. The trainer is not obliged to reply to messages on whats app, other chats, phones as the trainer may be occupied and will be catering to other students.
• UQA trainers expects your full focus and dedication towards learning the book of Allah. It has been found that those who completes the course earlier than the stipulated time, had passion and give top most priority to the course.
• Help us spreading this noble work by sharing in your circles.

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