Program Evaluation, Monitoring & feedback

Evaluation System
A complete 360 evaluation system is implemented to ensure the involvement of all the stakeholders in the school system.

There are various evaluation areas where the evaluation is done.
1. Student Evaluation by teacher.
2. Teacher Evaluation by Student.
3. Student Evaluation by Parents.
4. Teacher Evaluation by Principal.
5. UQA Program evaluation by Principal.
6. Teacher Evaluation by UQA coordinator.
7. School evaluation by UQA Coordinator.
Note: complete list of all the evaluation and monitoring forms will be available in the School Kit @ the time of sign-up.


  • Monitoring is the regular monthly activity carried out by an Academic coordinator.
  • He/ She logs in her observations in online documents that is shared with management.
  • Day to day challenges and issues related to the program are recorded.

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