+20% of The Quranic Words


What is the Aim of this course?
1. Expand your daily recitations & supplications with understanding.
2. Forever remove your thinking that the Quran is difficult to understand.
Now you know +20% of the words on each page, you are almost there in understanding the whole Quran!

The Key Formula to prioritize all your Quran activities!
1. Effective, Research-Based Approach.
2. to ensure the fastest way for you to learn.
3. Included ‘how to’ lessons, learn how to interact, imagine, feel and recite the Quran.
4. Revolutionary Technique for learning grammar, TPI (Total Physical Interaction) that is extended to teach.
5. All possible learning materials provided: from videos, mp3, PowerPoint files, Textbook, Workbook, to email reminders, special quizzes and a final exam.

Pre-requisite: For this course, you should be able to read Arabic and complete the course Understand Quran 50% of Words.

Ramadan Offers 2018

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