UQA Teaching Methods

UQA uses Effective and Modern Teaching Methods to teach Qur’anic Arabic. Few of the methods can be seen below


NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Helps in understanding the type of learners in a classroom and UQA would like the Qur’an teacher to be effective in identifying students and teach Qur’anic Arabic effortlessly.

Higher Order Thinking Skills

One of the main components of 21st Century Teaching Techniques is to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in students. UQA wants the Qur’anic Arabic teacher to take the students out of closed learning circle of memorizing facts and figures and develop a habit of HOTS so that they can ponder on the verses of Qur’an and reflect.

Collaborative Teaching & Learning

There is no other better platform than CTL to exchange ideas among trainees and develop effective teaching skills. In UQA Teacher’s training, trainee teachers are divided in groups and each teacher will get equal opportunity to teach his group the lessons learned. The trainers correct the teacher whenever required. Hence, UQA gives equal opportunity to every trainee with CTL.

Launching Leaders

UQA consistently focus on creating leaders. To create a competitive environment for students, the class is divided into groups with its group leaders. The class teacher will be the leader of all groups with school principal being the supreme leader. Hence, promoting leadership skills among students.

Total Physical Interaction

TPI is a highly powerful tool for learning any language. With a lot of research and hard work, UQA developed the technique of learning the Qur’anic Arabic through TPI. Hence, making the teacher’s job easier and effective. The benefits of TPI include enhancement of students’ memory through association of words with physical movement.

Activity Based Learning

To make learning through fun, every lesson of Read Al Qur’an and Understand Al Quran is taught through activities that have been developed by UQA Team.

Effective Classroom Management

All lesson planning by a teacher would be of no use without effective classroom management skills. UQA developed classroom rules and attention getters so that teacher can do her job with full efficiency.

Mind Maps

Mind mapping is a visual tool of note taking that offers an overview of any complex topic to present in an effective way. The benefits of Mind Maps include better comprehension, creativity and promote brainstorming activity.  UQA Uses the same method in teaching Read Al Qur’an & Understand Al Qur’an to its students and allowing them to be more creative.

Whole Brain Teaching

WBT is achieved with the usage of the following methods:

  1. Attention Getters (Takbeer(Whenever teacher says this students response would be Allahu Akbar), Tahmeed, Tasbeeh, Ta’awuz)
  2. Scoreboard
  3. Teach – Ok
  4. Switch – Ok
  5. Hands and Eyes
  6. Mirror Activity

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