30 Days of Reincarnation (poem)

    I crawled, I walked, and then I ran, But I stumbled before the flight began,   So I dragged myself on the runway to fly As I felt the angel in me slowly die   I sinned and I repented and again I sinned, Smothering in all the regrets I’d...

Do’s and Don’ts at the Mosque

by Samina Farooq Assuming that you know all the rituals of a mosque (from entrance dua to exit dua, from offering two raka’t to adhkar after prayer, from knowing how to pray congregational prayer, to being aware about a funeral prayer etc.), I shall present to...

Four Surah Meditations

by Samina Farooq Falaq I seek refuge of the Lord of daybreak When through the night, light outbreaks From the evil of what is created by Him I seek refuge from everything grim From evil of darkness when it settles hiding the evil as it battles From evil of blowers in...

Thinking Begins in the Heart

by Samina Farooq Two years back when I gave a brief presentation on this topic, it stirred quite a controversy among the listeners, who’d perhaps thought of the heart as no more than a mushy, bawling-over-love organ. But after two years of studying Quran, Hadith, and...
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