Study Circle

For more details, please send an email to, we will get back to you

With tracking console, we have made it easy for you to add, track, and watch your students’ progress in detail at your convenient timings. We will give you a prescribed number of subscriptions which will allow your students to get full access to all our courses on our portal for prescribed period of time.



Let us explain you with an example.  You can purchase 25 full access subscriptions in bulk from us. You can create member accounts for your community as and when people request you.

Your benefits:

  1. As an administrator, you get access to tracking dashboard where you can add, edit and reset passwords of your member accounts
  2. You get access to array of reports like performance reports and consolidated reports.
  3. You can monitor the progress of students, top performers as well as those who lagging or not yet started.
  4. Discounts on purchasing large number of subscriptions. As part of promotion, we are giving at least 30% discount on bulk purchases compared to individual purchases. The more subscriptions you purchase, the bigger discount you get.
  5. Flexibility to create new accounts as and when you need. For example, you purchased 25 subscriptions and you have used only 15 in the first instance, you can use the remaining 10 at your discretion. You need not contact us again for creating the new subscription.
Who can benefit ?
  • Any person who would like to start his own study circle in his community, friends and relatives
  • Any school which would like to start our syllabus
  • Any school which would like the parents to register for the course
  • Anyone who wishes to start teaching this course to a group in local Masjid

For more details, please send an email to, we will get back to you

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