Special Thanks to GlobalQuran.com

We pray to Allah swt to reward the team behind GlobalQuran.com for they made this software freely available for all of us to use and benefit.

Most of us have a translation of the Quran in our own language because we don’t understand Arabic and it helps us to understand what we are reading.

Translation per sentence: is it good enough?

However, the order of the Arabic words in the Quran and their equivalent in for example English cannot always be kept. That is because the ayaat [or verses] are translated per sentence in order to be understandable. This means you wouldn’t necessarily know which word means what; you just know the general meaning of the ayah as a whole.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you know the meaning is of each Arabic word so you can truly discover the world of the Quran? Amazing lessons are hidden in its verses, waiting for you to be unveiled!


You don’t want to miss a word of the Quran? Then here is the ultimate resource for you to read the Quran Word by Word:

In this extremely useful translation from Arabic into many different world languages understanding the Quran word for word finally becomes reality!

So check it out and refer to it again and again. Use it while you are memorizing the Quran or when you read along listening to a reciter. You will see how quick you will get familiar with the Quranic Words and how easy it becomes to understand Arabic! 

These are some features of the Word for Word Quran translation program:

  • Direct links to ayah, surah and page
  • Quran Text
  • Quran Translations
  • Quran Tafseer
  • Multi-Quran selection – you can select multiple translation, text or tasfeer.
  • Multi-Recitors – select multiple recitors will play one after another
  • Full screen
  • Change the font size  & Change Quran fonts
  • Fix’s Tool Bar
  • Quran search

All accompanied with Audio:

  • Repeat – repeat by ayah, surah, page or juz
  • Delay
  • Auto next forwarding after finish
  • Progress bar
  • Volume control

Share the site link to the people you know and benefit!

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