Asma ul Husna

99 Names of Allah – Asma ul Husna

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Books: Vol-1, Vol-2 and Vol-3

Product Description
We feel that every Muslim should know all the 99 names of Allah and more. How can we develop our relationship with Allah [swt], if we don’t know Him enough! How can we love Him and feel awe for His greatness if we don’t know His attributes?
That’s why we are introducing a special learning experience by not only memorizing 99 Names of Allah [swt] and more together, but also learning how to live by them!
What will you get?
We will introduce the Beautiful Names of Allah, Al Asma ul Husna, one by one. Most of the Names are mentioned in the Quran so we will give you interesting clues and mini-assignments to look up yourself, in the Quran. So be active because it will increase your knowledge of the Quran at the same time!
To help you memorize the meanings of the Names we will cover a brief explanation and daily implementation of that Name in your life. So you will get:
+ Introduction to the Names of Allah [swt] one by one
+ Clues, facts & mini assignments
+ Beautiful visuals to help you memorize
+ Revision, quizzes & memorizations tools

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