2. Waw – Faa

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  1. areebahmed February 13, 2015 Reply

    I registered for free learning as per my understanding only the books will not be sent to me but i shall be having access to watch free video lessons online.
    I request please unlock all these video,so i could learn more.Jazak Allah Khair.

  2. waheda rizwan February 14, 2015 Reply

    allhamdullillah very good way of teaching

  3. adeel February 22, 2015 Reply

    very good

  4. Kausar March 1, 2015 Reply

    Jazak Allah khair

  5. Kausar March 1, 2015 Reply

    Good Course

  6. zainab_a_z March 20, 2015 Reply


  7. Arabic_Master134 March 30, 2015 Reply

    I have an account, but it says i do not have permission to view this content

    • wanda March 31, 2015 Reply

      I’m afraid we’re unable to answer that question here, but inshaa Allah you can find out by sending your question to the contact form on our website: http://understandquran.com/contact.html.

  8. Abdulgani March 11, 2016 Reply

    Assalaamu calaykum
    Guys “understandQuran.com” I love you in the sake of Allah !!
    I believe “you guys and us, your students”
    We can change the world by learning and teaching the meaning of Quran !!
    I started my class knowing nothing but now
    I really know 3 pages of surah baqarah
    Thank you guys

    • wanda March 14, 2016 Reply

      Wa aliakum salam, friend.

      Thank-you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to us, and we’re delighted that we can be of service in your Quran education. Please do keep Understand Quran Academy in your duas so that the Ummah can grow and deepen its understanding of the precious words of Allah (swt).

      May Allah (swt) richly bless your efforts to learn and spread the message of the Quran.

  9. Syed Khaleel April 5, 2016 Reply

    Please send me all lessons

  10. nalir March 3, 2017 Reply

    Assalamu alaikum Brother

    I could only able to watch free view only (Lesson 1).why please?
    very early reply would be greatly appreciated.


    • UQA_S March 30, 2017 Reply

      Walaikumsalaam, Please check your inbox have sent you information

  11. Umun_nur2018 June 29, 2018 Reply

    Masha Allah jazakallahumu khair

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