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  • Student of MCA, Madina MCA college

    Modern teaching technique had been implemented in a good manner.

  • Fazlul Hoque Miah, Ph. D

    This is a great course for anyone willing to learn Arabic. The beauty of this course is that it combines effective teaching / learning methods from modern educational psychology field, and knowledge of human brain for better reception and retention of the materials.

    An important feature of this course is that it takes Quranic Ayats as examples of grammatical rules and explains the meanings of these Ayats without loosing students' interests. The explanations are encouraging, reflecting, and soothing. This is an extremely useful teaching approach.

    Another interesting feature of this course is that it picks and explains new words from parts that Muslims utter in their daily prayers. It not only explains the general meanings of these recitations and supplications but also elaborates on the spiritual messages embedded in them.

    The course thus helps the learner understand not only the grammar but also shows the inner beauty of Islamic faith and rituals. The course uses a proven method of communication, which is known as Total Physical Interaction (TPI) in the Education literature. It is a powerful teaching and learning tool. It is hard to get rid of hand gestures even after completing the course.

    I heard that a version of the course is adopted in some schools. My belief is that once a student goes through this approach in a school system for a few years, he / she will not forget it for the rest of his / her life.

    I have benefited from this course, and strongly recommend it to anyone willing to learn Quranic Arabic. May Allah reward abundantly the entire team who made the effort to bring it to us.
  • Assalam alaikum Just to share my experience, that my daughter attended her first Quran class with a friendly teacher . She taught the basic makhraij to Amael with examples. I loved to see my daughter writing the Arabic with taking much interest in it. That's the best part of Understand Quran Academy, alhamdulillah. JazakAllah khair
  • Dr. Kamran Shafi, Australia

    I am amazed, grateful and satisfied seeing my children learning to read, write and master the correct pronunciation (tajweed) of the Quran this summer vacation.

    My kids are aged 5, 7 and 10 and we are based in Australia. Being a part-time Quran teacher at the local Islamic schools and mosques, I had tried teaching my kids on my own, through online Quran tuitions and local Islamic schools.

    However, I was still unsatisfied with the quality and was worried about their proper Quran education. I am grateful to Allah (SWT) who led me to the beautiful “Read Quran the Easy Way Course (RQ)” by the Understand Quran Academy (UQA). I am also grateful to the developers and teachers of the course who are doing it earnestly for the sake of Allah SWT alone and not for any profit.

    I am amazed at the scientific techniques being used in the course to teach Quran equally to kids as well as adults. Alhamdolillah, I am feeling so satisfied that the course is developed by highly educated and motivated people. I am also satisfied at the outcome of the course as I see my kids loving the course, picking up so quickly and easily (even the little one) and happily repeating the lessons throughout the day using the beautiful poems taught in the course.

  • Mohd. Abdul Rasheed, MSc student of JMI, New Delhi

    I found level 1 course very much effective and beneficial.
  • Student Sister

    As salaamu alaykum

    I just watched the first video of the learning to read course. MashaAllah it is really nice! This is a great resource for Quran teachers, and also for mums at home. It is also suitable for kids of all ages - for the younger ones, the parents can focus on alphabet recognition, and then for a bit older, the writing, and for the oldest ones, they still have some challenge because of the vocab building!

    And the videos are short, so it works even for those with short attention spans.
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