Basic Course

Important Note: Understand Quran Basic Course

This course is only for former students who have started learning in 2011 or before.  
Now, we offer the new and improved:

–          Understand Quran 50% of Words
–          Understand Quran 70% of Words

The Basic Course was the first course developed in 2004. We now developed above two short courses which are the thoroughly improved versions of the Understand Quran Basic course,  with notes, tips ‘n tricks and exercises. Therefore, we refer you to get started and benefit from them as they are three times better than the Basic Course. So get started here !

The Basic Course is namely still being used by teachers worldwide in live sessions.

Course features

How do the lessons look like?

  • Spare just 20 minutes every day, and insha’Allah you are on your way to realizing the dream.
  • Each session has 3 different activities, which keeps the participants active throughout the session:
    –  Learn at least one spoken Arabic sentence in each session
    –  Learn basic Arabic Grammar as well as almost all important verb patterns by devoting just 8 to 10 minutes in each session.

How do you learn?

The quickest & easiest way to learn the Quran in Arabic!

  • Learning Arabic Grammar perhaps has never been so easy and simple. A new approach to the practice of grammar, i.e., TPI, Total Physical Interaction. Think it, see it, say it, and show it.  One of the most effective and easiest techniques to overcome the most difficult part of learning the ‘fa’ala’ table (conjugation of a verb).  This is the lesson where generally people give up learning Arabic.  With TPI, it becomes just the opposite, i.e., most exciting and interesting part.
  • Every time you practice a grammar session (5 to 7 minutes), you are shown how closer you are to the understanding of Quran.  Therefore, it becomes a session of love and excitement rather than that of boring drills.
  • Learn interesting examples/false links to remember some of the ‘odd’ rules of grammar.

How do you revise?

The fastest and most fun revision tricks! Practice on the spot!

  • Revise the whole learning in SPECIAL 10 sessions (at the end) where all frequently occurring words in the Qur’an are listed separately.  To remember important words, each word/verb that you have learnt is listed with an example for you to practice, remember, and retain.  Every time you forget an important new word, you are given a context for it to recall.
  • Learn all important verb patterns thoroughly along with examples from the material covered in the first 50 sessions.
  • 16 quizzes and 2 exams (in the WORKBOOK) to help you evaluate your progress and encourage you to revise and continue.
  • By watching the video files, participate along with the audience throughout these sessions.  You don’t have to wait for another sitting for practice.  Practice right there!  A CD containing mp3 files of the complete course (60 sessions) is also available.  Recently, a brief recorded version of the course (4 hours) is also produced.

A must basic training for every Muslim!

Actually, this is a basic training course for every Muslim.  It contains those parts which are practiced everyday by a Muslim, therefore this course will have direct impact on your life.  It will make your regular worship more efficient and effective.  Simultaneously you will get the confidence that you can learn the Quran very easily.  In view of this, this course can be an excellent basic resource for every Muslim family, school, or organization.

Go to sign up & get started with Understand Quran 50% of Words followed by 70% of Words,

for busy people who want to Understand the Quran, the Easy Way!

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