Teachers and Courses

Below you will find a list of our teachers:

United Kingdom (UK)

Farooq Khan

farooqkhan36 (at) yahoo.co (dot) uk

Phone: 0118 933 8525
Mobile: 0791 865 2397


Contact Person: Dr. Kamran Shafi

Address: Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Phone: +61 (0)418249510

Email: Kamran (dot) Shafi (at) Gmail (dot) com



Discover Islam Center
Br. Zuhair
Email: yislam (at) batelco.com (dot) bh



Toronto (5 teachers )

Safdar Khan
Email: Safdar (dot) Khan (at) Utoronto (dot )Ca
Massarrat Bharucha
Email: UQAcanada (at) gmail (dot) com




Hyderabad (only Short Course)

Br Raza Ahmad Khan

Email: Razahyd (at) gmail (dot) com


Contact Person 1: Br Khalid

Email: khalid1962 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Mobile: 9845405745

Contact Person 2: Br Saeed

Email: sayeedcane (at) gmail (dot) com

Mobile: 98445-33460

Foams N Carpets; 53, Richards Square; Near Russel Market;

Bangalore 560 051; 57669697res; 51289189 /  57669697 / 9844533460

Chennai, Madras (only Short Course)

For Tamil Version

Contact Person: Br. Ghazali

Email: ghazali (at) zeeteexpress (dot) com

For Telugu Version:

Contact Person: Br. Kareemullah

Email: kareem (at) abrar.com (dot) sa



Islamabad (for courses as well as books)

Contact Person: Arshad Iqbal Malik

Email: aim (at) iqbalandcompany (dot) com


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